SE CARD Introduce

IoT Security Access Card is the next generation security system that is responsible for the safety of the company. Cards and docking stations (card management devices) that incorporate power-free display technology and it consists of a mobile app for the administrator.
It displays the photograph of the visitor and the purpose of the visit on the display which keeps the screen even in the powerless mode, and it can be visually identified without a terminal. Through NFC Tag technology is compatible thoroughly convenience and security to encryption and unique identification capabilities.


Visually identifiable

Visually identifiable whether the entered visitor information is matched or not.

Power Free

Content is maintained on the display without a separate power supply.


Display is applied to change card contents to facilitate reuse.

Code output

QR, bar code output according to display needs.

Encryption and Unique Identification

Security is enhanced by setting unique values with NFC Tag.

Security is enhanced by setting unique values with NFC Tag


WiFi, NFC, E-Paper, Linux System


Companies, laboratories, hotels, museums, art galleries, banks, apartments, military